Susanna Cavatario

b. 2 August 1915, d. 26 October 2009
Susanna (Cavatario) Dolan


FatherAntonino Cavatario b. 14 Jun 1889, d. 24 Jul 1965
MotherGiovanna Cosentino b. 18 Feb 1891, d. 30 Jul 1965
RelationshipsDaughter of Antonino Cavatario
Great-granddaughter of John Cosentino
Appears on chartsDescendants (with spouses) of Christopher Dolan
Descendants (with spouses) of William Ramspott
Descendants (with spouses) of Antonino Cavatario
Descendants (with spouses) of John Cosentino
In Family LineCavatario


Name Variation  Susanna Cavatario was also known as Cavataio. 
Birth2 Aug 1915 She was born on 2 Aug 1915 in St. Louis City, Missouri.
Possible Birthdate28 Jul 1916 According to at least one source, her birthdate was 28 Jul 1916 birthplace was St. Louis City, Missouri. 
1930 Census
(with Mother)
10 Apr 1930 Susanna appeared in the 1930 Federal Census of St. Louis City, Missouri,in the household of her mother, Giovanna Cosentino
Marriage29 Jul 1933 Susanna Cavatario and William Elmer Dolan, son of George James Dolan and Elizabeth Ramspott, were married on 29 Jul 1933 in St. Louis, Missouri.
1940 Census
(Spouse of Head)
8 Apr 1940 Susanna appeared in the 1940 Federal Census of St. Louis City, Missouri, with her husband, William Elmer Dolan, and their children, George and Anthony
(Mentioned in)
31 Jul 1965 Susanna Cavatario was named in the obituary for Giovanna Cosentino. The obituary was in the St. Louis Globe on 31 Jul 1965.
Death26 Oct 2009 Susanna Cavatario died on 26 Oct 2009 in St. Louis, Missouri, at age 94. 
Burial29 Oct 2009 She was buried on 29 Oct 2009, age 94, in Calvary Cemetery, located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Children of Susanna Cavatario and William Elmer Dolan

1 of 3 known children of Susanna Cavatario and William Elmer Dolan may still be living. 

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