Antonino Cavatario

b. 14 June 1889, d. 24 July 1965


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Name Variation  Antonino Cavatario was also known as Cavataio. 
Name Variation  Antonino Cavatario was also known as Anthony. 
Possible Birthdate7 Jun 1888 According to at least one source, his birthdate was 7 Jun 1888 birthplace was Italy. 
Birth14 Jun 1889 He was born on 14 Jun 1889 in Partinico, Italy. 
Marriage12 Feb 1913 He and Giovanna Cosentino, daughter of Martino Cosentino and Frances Biforka, were married on 12 Feb 1913 in Partinico, Italy. 
Immigration18 Mar 1913 Antonino Cavatario and Giovanna Cosentino immigrated on 18 Mar 1913 to New York, New York, from Palermo Italy, under the name of Giovanna Cossentino on the Mendozza.
Natlz_int11 Mar 1915 Antonino Cavatario filed his declaration of intention on 11 Mar 1915 in St. Louis, Missouri.
Address2 Aug 1915  As of 2 Aug 1915, Antonino Cavatario and Giovanna Cosentino lived 1233 North 9th Street, St. Louis, Missouri. 
Draft Registration5 Jun 1917 Antonino Cavatario registered for the military on 5 Jun 1917 in St. Louis City, Missouri.
Death24 Jul 1965 He died on 24 Jul 1965 in St. Louis State Training School, St. Louis, Missouri, at age 76.
Burial27 Jul 1965 He was buried on 27 Jul 1965, age 76, in Calvary Cemetery, located in St. Louis, Missouri, in Section 20, Lot #2449.
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31 Jul 1965 Antonino Cavatario was named in the obituary for Giovanna Cosentino. The obituary was in the St. Louis Globe on 31 Jul 1965.

Children of Antonino Cavatario and Giovanna Cosentino

All known children of Antonino Cavatario and Giovanna Cosentino are deceased.