Giovanna Cosentino

b. 18 February 1891, d. 30 July 1965
Giovanna (Cosentino) Cavatario and her three children, Thomas, Susanna & Michael


FatherMartino Cosentino b. 2 Oct 1864, d. 14 Mar 1928
MotherFrances Biforka b. 22 Mar 1869, d. 15 Mar 1928
RelationshipGranddaughter of John Cosentino
Appears on chartsDescendants (with spouses) of Antonino Cavatario
Descendants (with spouses) of John Cosentino
In Family LineCosentino


Name Variation  Giovanna Cosentino was also known as Jennie Cosentino. 
Possible Birthdate18 Feb 1890 According to at least one source, her birthdate was 18 Feb 1890 birthplace was Italy. 
Birth18 Feb 1891 She was born on 18 Feb 1891 in Partinico, Italy. 
Possible Birthdate1 May 1893 According to at least one source, her birthdate was 1 May 1893 birthplace was Italy. 
Marriage12 Feb 1913 She and Antonino Cavatario were married on 12 Feb 1913 in Partinico, Italy. 
Immigration18 Mar 1913 Giovanna Cosentino and Antonino Cavatario immigrated on 18 Mar 1913 to New York, New York, from Palermo Italy, under the name of Giovanna Cossentino on the Mendozza.
Address2 Aug 1915  As of 2 Aug 1915, Giovanna Cosentino and Antonino Cavatario lived 1233 North 9th Street, St. Louis, Missouri. 
1930 Census10 Apr 1930 Giovanna Cosentino appeared as head of household in the 1930 Federal Census of St. Louis City, Missouri, as Jennie Cavotroes. Her children, Thomas, Susanna and Michael, were listed as living with her. 
Employer6 Aug 1940 Giovanna Cosentino was employed on 6 Aug 1940 by 1635 Washington Ave., St. Louis, Missouri. 
SSN7 Aug 1940 Her social security number was issued in Missouri on 7 Aug 1940.
Address7 Aug 1940  As of 7 Aug 1940, Giovanna Cosentino lived 1631A Knapp St., St. Louis, Missouri. 
Naturalization5 Jan 1945 She was naturalized on 5 Jan 1945 in St. Louis City, Missouri; Petition granted: Line No. 15 of List No. 734-4 and Certificate No. 5988390 issued.
SSNbefore 1951 Her social security number was issued in St. Louis City, Missouri, before 1951. 
Death30 Jul 1965 She died on 30 Jul 1965 in City Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri, at age 74.
Obituary31 Jul 1965 Giovanna Cosentino's obituary appeared in the St. Louis Globe on 31 Jul 1965 in St. Louis City, Missouri.
Funeral2 Aug 1965 Her funeral was held on 2 Aug 1965 in Calvin F. Feutz Funeral Home, St. Louis, Missouri.
Burial2 Aug 1965 She was buried on 2 Aug 1965, age 74, in Calvary Cemetery, located in St. Louis, Missouri, in Section 20, Lot #2449.
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15 Jul 1972 Giovanna Cosentino was named in the obituary for Marietta Cosentino. The obituary was in the St. Louis Post Dispatch on 15 Jul 1972.

Children of Giovanna Cosentino and Antonino Cavatario

All known children of Giovanna Cosentino and Antonino Cavatario are deceased. 

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