Calvary Cemetery


Calvary Cemetery - is located in 5239 West Florissant Avenue, Saint Louis, Missouri. Located in St. Louis, Missouri near Interstate 70 and the West Florissant Avenue exit, was founded for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis in 1857 by St. Louis Archbishop Peter Richard Kenrick, who is interred within.

The Catholic Cemetery, one of the largest in the nation, contains the burials of more than 300,000 persons, among them Civil War general William T. Sherman, freed slave Dred Scott (namesake of the famed pre-Civil War Supreme Court case), 1960's humanitarian physician Dr. Tom Dooley, famed American playwright Tennessee Williams, federal judge Clyde Cahill, Jr., and numerous Catholic bishops, clergy, religious, politicians, sporting and literary figures, and immigrants who were instrumental in the development of the City of St. Louis and the Roman Catholic Church there. The beautifully landscaped perpetual care cemetery features two public mausoleums, fountains, and impressive Victorian and Gilded Age monuments and mausoleums of noted area families. The cemetery is still heavily patronized, and burials and committals are generally scheduled from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Visiting hours are 8 a.m to 4:30 p.m. daily Mon. thru Sun., with office hours M-F 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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The following people are buried here:
Tombstone for Mary (Dolan) Brennan
Tombstone for Peter Dolan
Tombstone for Vito Scarfino and family
Tombstone for Alice (Dolan) Cordes and family
Tombstone for Charles Cordes and family
Tombstone for Edmund Brennan
Tombstone for Edmund Brennan, Jr.
Tombstone for John Cosentino
Burial13 Aug 1915William Ramspott
Burial13 Feb 1917Sam Scarfino
Burial16 Jan 1919Christopher Dolan
Burial1 Nov 1919Francis Scarfino
Possible Burial15 Jun 1920Josephine Capriglione
Burial1 Sep 1921Walburg Shene
BurialAug 1922Katherine Dolan
Burial17 Nov 1926George Horschfield
Burial17 Mar 1928Milton Henry
Burial17 Mar 1928Martino Cosentino
Burial17 Mar 1928Frances Biforka
Burial30 Dec 1929Frank Cosentino
Burial21 Jan 1931Antonia Scarfino
Burial27 Aug 1932Loretta Stewart
Burial17 Mar 1933Vito Scarfino
Burial15 Feb 1934Peter J. Dolan
Burial5 Mar 1938Philippina Ramspott
Burial5 Jan 1943Charles Fred Cordes
Burial19 Jun 1943Margaret Hill
Burial12 Mar 1946Delores Grace Kemper
Burial27 Nov 1946Catherine Ryan
Burial1 Mar 1947Edmund Brennan
Burial19 Apr 1949Michael Ellison
Burial20 Aug 1956George James Dolan
Burial22 Oct 1958Elizabeth Ramspott
Burial29 Aug 1963Marie Cordes
Burial27 Jul 1965Antonino Cavatario
Burial2 Aug 1965Giovanna Cosentino
Burial7 Feb 1966Hugh C. Stewart
Burial11 Apr 1972Alice Mary Dolan
Burial17 Jul 1972Marietta Cosentino
Burial28 Nov 1972Benjamin Kemper
Burial7 Jun 1977Edmund Brennan Jr.
BurialNov 1977Mary C. Dolan
Burial6 May 1978Bertha Emilie Ramspott
Burial17 Mar 1979Hugh C. Stewart Jr.
Burial4 Aug 1979John Baptiste Cosentino
Burial26 Nov 1984Mary L. Dolan
Burialafter 22 Apr 1985Carrie Ramspott
Burial29 Apr 1993William Elmer Dolan
Burial29 Jul 1997Beatrice A. Dolan
Burial7 May 1998Martin M. Scarfino
Burial22 Apr 2002Thomas Cavatario
Burial29 Oct 2009Susanna Cavatario