Grace Marie Schwebach

b. 17 December 1932, d. 4 November 1951
Grace Schwebach


FatherMichael G. Schwebach b. 3 Jan 1894, d. 3 Apr 1979
MotherAnna Bricher b. 1 Jun 1899, d. 26 Nov 1935
Relationship2nd great-granddaughter of Philippe Schwebach
Appears on chartsDescendants (with spouses) of Johaines Schwebach
In Family LineSchwebach


Birth17 Dec 1932 Grace Marie Schwebach was born on 17 Dec 1932. 
3 Nov 1951 She was killed in a car accident with Sylvester William Schwebach and James Frank Schwebach on 3 Nov 1951 in near Sioux Falls, Minnehaha County, South Dakota; car accident.
Death4 Nov 1951 Grace Marie Schwebach died on 4 Nov 1951 in Dell Rapids, Minnehaha County, South Dakota, at age 18. Cause of death: car accident.
Funeral8 Nov 1951 Her funeral was held at This was a triple funeral for Sylvester, Grace and James Schwebach. on 8 Nov 1951 in St. Mary's, Dell Rapids, Minnehaha County, South Dakota.
Burial8 Nov 1951 She was buried on 8 Nov 1951, age 18, in Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery, located in Dell Rapids, Minnehaha County, South Dakota.