Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery

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Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery - is located in Dell Rapids, Minnehaha County, South Dakota.

The following people are buried here:
Tombstone for Marie (Clary) Bunkers
Tombstone for Leona (Full) and Emil Bunkers
Tombstone for Joseph Bunkers
Tombstone for Agnes (Dresch) and Andrew Bunkers
Tombstone for Herman Bunkers
Tombstone for Anna (Kellen) Bunkers
Tombstone for Harold Bunkers
Burialafter 14 Dec 1919James Jacob Schwebach
Burialafter 1 Jan 1921James Eugene Schwebach
Burialafter 18 Nov 1926James Nicholas Schwebach
Burial1928Philip M. Schwebach
Burialafter 29 Dec 1928Herbert John Schwebach
Burialafter 24 Feb 1929Norbert Joseph Schwebach
Burialafter 11 Feb 1933August Kottmann
Burialafter 16 Feb 1933Joseph Hugo Schwebach
Burialafter 4 Apr 1935Susan Schwebach
Burialafter 26 Nov 1935Anna Bricher
Burialafter 19 Jan 1936Herman Henry Bunkers
Burialafter 3 Feb 1936Eugene J. Schwebach
Burialafter 27 Oct 1939George Bricher
Burial26 Dec 1939Joseph Wenz Schwebach
Burialafter 12 Sep 1940Rita Mary Dresch
Burialafter 22 Sep 1941Daniel Duaine Schwebach
Burialafter 26 Apr 1943Annie Burg
Burialafter 22 Jul 1945Otto Anthony Bunkers
Burial23 Apr 1948Nicholas Valentine Schwebach
Burialafter 1 Sep 1950Eugene Aloysius Zeig
Burialafter 24 Oct 1950Catherine Berendes
Burial1951Infant Daughter Bunkers
Burialafter 26 Jan 1951Barbara Mary Bunkers
Burial8 Nov 1951Grace Marie Schwebach
Burial8 Nov 1951Sylvester William Schwebach
Burial8 Nov 1951James Frank Schwebach
Burialafter 11 Dec 1951Nicholas Zeig
Burial1952Infant Son Bunkers
Burial28 Apr 1953Bernadine Catherine Schwebach
Burial5 Apr 1954John Bunkers
Burialafter 23 Apr 1955Charles Michael Bunkers
Burialafter 25 Jan 1956Mary Katherine Gebhart
Burialafter 24 Jan 1956Infant Son Bunkers
Burialafter 24 Jan 1956Infant Son Bunkers
Burial19 Jul 1957Willam Van Dam
Burialafter 17 Jun 1958Anna M. Kellen
Burial16 Jan 1959John Emil Bunkers
Burialafter 18 Jul 1959Vincent Andrew Schwebach
Burial28 Sep 1959Catherine Biren
Burialafter 5 Aug 1961Jeffrey Paul Siemonsma
Burialafter 24 Aug 1961Rodney John Sargent
Burialafter 13 Nov 1964Melchoir Dresch
Burialafter 24 Mar 1965Margaret Schwebach
Burial1 Jun 1965Cleophas Math Bunkers
Burial18 May 1967Catherine Plathe
Burialafter 3 Jan 1968Susan E Wagoner
Burialafter 7 Jan 1968Joseph Michael Schwebach
Burialafter 7 Jan 1968John George Schwebach
Burial18 Jan 1969Andrew Henry Bunkers
Burial29 Apr 1969Valentine Schwebach
Burialafter 20 Jun 1969Leona Full
Burialafter 2 Sep 1969Agnes Bowar
Burialafter 13 Sep 1970Caroline M. Kottmann
Burial11 Jan 1971Phillip Schwebach
Burial16 Jan 1971Nick Bricher
Burialafter 6 Aug 1971Clarence James Bunkers
Burial31 Dec 1971Joseph Phillip Bunkers
Burial17 Jan 1973Mary Anne Fischbach
Burial14 Jul 1973Mary M. Moes
Burialafter 22 Apr 1974Anastasia Mary Bunkers
Burialafter 6 Mar 1975Martha E. Bult
BurialJohn Schwebach
Burialafter 4 Jun 1976Mary Margaret Eulberg
Burial30 Jul 1976Andrew Philip Schwebach
BurialFeb 1977Anna Joesphine Kottmann
Burialafter 13 Jul 1977Eugene James Schwebach
Burialafter 8 Sep 1977Frank K. Bricher
Burialafter 6 Nov 1977Nicholas Phillip Schwebach Jr.
Burialafter 13 Sep 1978Robert William Majeres
Burial21 Oct 1978Joseph Herman Ahlers
Burialafter 24 Dec 1978John Joseph Schwebach Jr.
Burial6 Apr 1979Michael G. Schwebach
Burialafter 21 Jan 1980Mary E. Hilgert
Burialafter 28 Jan 1980Lorraine Schreurs
BurialSep 1980Janet Marie Bunkers
Burial2 Aug 1981John N. Schmidt
BurialJun 1982Elizabeth Bauer
Burial1 Oct 1982Mary Margaret Schwebach
Burialafter 17 Oct 1982William W. Geraets
Burial14 Jan 1983Gertrude M. Rogler
Burial25 May 1983Michael Andrew Schwebach
Burial18 Oct 1983Gerald Michael Siemonsma
Burial19 Mar 1985Pauline Mary Bricher
Burial13 Dec 1985Cecilia Schwebach
Burialafter 13 Jul 1986Rose Mary Bricher
Burial16 Jan 1987Gerard John Siemonsma
Burial15 Jul 1987Alphonse John Zeig
Burialafter 28 Oct 1987Magnus John Bunkers
Burial11 Apr 1988Gertrude Evelyn Underwood
Burialafter 13 Sep 1989Joseph Raphael Zeig
Burialafter 4 Jan 1990Sylvester Fiegen
Burial20 Jun 1991Isabelle Caroline Schwebach
Burialafter 2 Sep 1991Leonard Valentine Schwebach
Burialafter 2 Dec 1992Clazine Van Dam
Burialafter 17 Sep 1994Clarence Dresch
Burialafter 14 Oct 1994Geneva Celeste Baumberger
Burial21 Jan 1995Donald Henry Bunkers
Burial4 Mar 1995DeLoris Lovell
Burialafter 8 Apr 1995Norbert Dresch
Burial24 Oct 1995Marie Pearl Clary
Burialafter 26 Jan 1998Harold Henry Bunkers
Burialafter 14 Jul 1999Ellen Hurney
Burial27 Aug 1999James Andrew Bunkers
Burial10 Nov 2000William Eugene Zeig
Burial2 Jan 2001Deborah Ann Schwebach
Burialafter 4 Apr 2001Raymond Anthony Geraets
Burial26 Jan 2002Mathew J. Schmidt
Burial1 Apr 2002Francis Joseph Schwebach
Burialafter 8 Sep 2002Theresa Josephine Bowar
Burialafter 10 Dec 2002Walter Robert Williamson
Burialafter 3 Mar 2003Vincent John Schwebach
Burial3 Jan 2004Kenneth Verne LeBrun
Burialafter 7 Jun 2004Chad Allen Siemonsma
Burial6 Dec 2004Agnes Dresch
Burialafter 24 Dec 2004Cathryn Josephine Schwebach
Burial18 Jan 2005Anna Mary Schwebach
Burial13 Mar 2006Anastasia Cecilia Schwebach
Burial27 Aug 2007Philip James Bunkers
Burialafter 13 Feb 2008Melvin John Bunkers
Burialafter 25 Apr 2008Delores Krier
Burial4 Oct 2008David Michael Schwebach
Burial24 Dec 2008George Michael Schwebach
Burial20 Aug 2009Melvina Matilda Dubbelde
Burial13 Oct 2011Jerome John Schwebach
Burial6 Dec 2012Audrey I. Schwartz
Burial31 Dec 2012Mary Magdalene Mergen
Burialafter 24 Nov 2014Cordula Margaret Schwebach
Burialafter 11 Apr 2017Raphael Valentine Schwebach