Saint Joseph's Catholic Church Cemetery

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Saint Joseph's Catholic Church Cemetery - is located in Granville, Sioux County, Iowa.

The following people are buried here:
Tombstone for Joseph Bachmann
Tombstone for Henry Bunkers
Tombstone for Elizabeth Bunkers
Tombstone for Anna (Bunkers) and John Graff
Tombstone for Jean Schwebach
Tombstone for Clarence Schewebach
Tombstone for Russell Schwebach
Tombstone for Rosalia Schwebach
Tombstone for Eugene Schwebach
Tombstone for Joseph Bunkers
Tombstone for Clara (Bunkers) Full
Tombstone for Arthur Full
Tombstone for Raymond Bunkers
Burial17 Jul 1897Angela Hottua
Burialafter 14 Oct 1902John Nickolas Bertamus
Burialafter 30 Apr 1904Eugene J. Schwebach Jr.
Burialafter 28 Feb 1910Max Thorman
Burialafter 18 Nov 1911Joseph Bunkers
Burialafter 5 Oct 1912Jean Nicolas Schwebach
Burialafter 25 Mar 1915Barbara Elizabeth Bunkers
Burial18 Feb 1924Henry Bunkers
Burialafter 5 Apr 1925John William Graff
Burial4 Dec 1926Frank Peter Bunkers
Burialafter 19 Mar 1933Clara Agnes Bunkers
Burialafter 26 Apr 1933Catharine Ludivisse
Burialafter 29 Jul 1935Johann Henry Bussanmas
Burial1937Barbara Ann Bussanmas
Burialafter 29 Sep 1941Anna Catherine Bunkers
Burial8 Feb 1943Barbara Simmerl
Burialafter 1 Nov 1943Clarence Schwebach
Burialafter 7 Sep 1945Raymond Bussanmas
Burial1947Rosalia M. Schwebach
Burialafter 27 Aug 1948Joseph Russell Bachmann
BurialNov 1949Russell C. Schwebach
Burialafter 25 Dec 1949Joseph M. Thorman
Burialafter 29 Aug 1950Joseph Frank Bachmann
Burialafter 6 Nov 1956Louis Schwebach
Burial1961Anna Thorman
Burial25 Feb 1961Martha James
Burialafter 13 Dec 1961Catherine Niichel
Burial1963Nicholas T. Schwebach
Burialafter 7 May 1965John Peter Schwebach
Burialafter 4 Aug 1968Roseline Lillian Welter
Burial16 Oct 1968John Edward Graff
Burialafter 11 Dec 1970Arthur Joseph Full
Burialafter 1 Sep 1971Elizabeth Elenora Bunkers
Burial18 Feb 1972Milo H. Graff
Burialafter 10 Aug 1972Raymond J. Koob
Burialafter 15 Jun 1974Barbara Ann Domnisse
Burial19 Jul 1974Bert Edward Ballard
Burial24 Dec 1974Douglas Graff
Burialafter 22 May 1976Catherine Marie Edmunda Bunkers
Burialafter 11 Apr 1978Elizabeth A. Niichel
Burialafter 27 Jul 1978Jerome Anton Bunkers
BurialApr 1979Anna Adolphen Schwebach
Burialafter 6 May 1982Margaret Ann Schwebach
BurialAndrew J. Miller
Burialafter 22 Aug 1985Leonard P. Grady
Burialafter 24 Jul 1988Raymond E. Bunkers
Burialafter 27 Dec 1990Florence Theresa Schwebach
Burial10 Dec 1992Carlyn Mary Doud
Burialafter 3 Jan 1993Rosa Schwebach
Burial25 Aug 1993Otto Ambrose Graff
Burialafter 8 Sep 1993William Davis
BurialOct 1994Arnold John Schmith
Burial22 Dec 1994Eugene Joseph Heying
Burial25 Apr 1995Mary Irene O'Meara
Burial15 Jun 1996Florence Graff
Burialafter 6 Apr 1999Raymond Grady
Burialafter 26 Feb 2000Agnes Margaret Schwebach
Burialafter 23 Apr 2004Robert Anthony Bachmann
Burial24 Mar 2007Henry Peter Schwebach