Ashland Cemetery

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Ashland Cemetery - is located in Ashland, Saunders County, Nebraska.

The following people are buried here:
Tombstone for Leona (Vosler) and Fred Robb
Tombstone for Goldie (Hall) and Floyd Vosler
Tombstone for Hazel (Decker) and Chester Vosler
Tombstone for Dewey Vosler
Tombstone for Goldie (Vosler) and Glen Campbell
Tombstone for Eunice (Vosler) and Norman Parker
Tombstone for Lula (Vosler) and George Pike
Tombstone for Mary (Mawhor) Vosler
Tombstone for Opal and Randol Vosler
Tombstone for Richard Vosler
Tombstone for Shirley Vosler
Burial1931Shirley Mae Vosler
Burial1957Norman Eugene Vosler
Burialafter 23 May 1963Chester W Vosler
Burial16 Apr 1964Ella I. Williams
Burial27 Jan 1967Glen Campbell
Burialafter 25 May 1967Mary Anna Mawhor
Burial23 Aug 1967George Dewey Vosler
Burialafter 28 May 1968Richard D. Vosler
Burial1969Eunice Arlene Vosler
Burial1973Theodore P. Vosler
Burialafter 27 Jan 1976Fred Frank Robb
Burialafter 5 Nov 1977Mildred D. Vosler
Burialafter 26 Feb 1982Lula A. Vosler
Burial1983Oscar Vosler
Burialafter 10 Apr 1984Floyd L. Vosler
Burialafter 26 Feb 1986Hazel E Decker
Burial1987Leona Erma Vosler
Burial1991George W. Pike
Burialafter 5 Jul 1995Goldie F. Vosler
Burial1996Harry Vosler
Burialafter 31 May 1996Goldie Fern Hall
Burial1997Norman A. Parker
Burialafter 26 Mar 1997Randol D. Vosler
Burial1999Opal (Unknown)
Burial1 May 2003Ronald LeRoy Vosler
Burial2005Elnora M. Hall
Burial10 Nov 2011Sandra J Vosler
Burialafter 29 Dec 2011Keith E. Schwartz
Burialafter 29 Sep 2014Lyla Vosler
Burialafter 9 Nov 2014Robert James Vosler