Euphemia Beck

b. 13 October 1714


MotherLukretia Christina Beck b. 4 Oct 1686, d. 1761
RelationshipGreat-grandmother of Herman Theodore Bunkers
Appears on chartsAncestors of Herman Theodore Bunkers (box)
Ancestors of Herman Theodore Bunkers (indented)
In Family LineBunkers


Birth13 Oct 1714 Euphemia Beck was born on 13 Oct 1714 in Emsbüren, Germany. 
Marriage13 Nov 1741 She and Bernard Bünker, son of Gerhard Bünker and Lucia Tegeder, were married on 13 Nov 1741 in Emsbüren, Germany. 
Burial25 Feb 1788 Euphemia Beck was buried on 25 Feb 1788, age 73, in Mehringen, located in Emsbüren, Germany. 

Children of Euphemia Beck and Bernard Bünker

All known children of Euphemia Beck and Bernard Bünker are deceased.