Aniceta Susan Zeig

b. 14 November 1907, d. 28 December 1995


FatherNicholas Zeig b. 4 Apr 1879, d. 11 Dec 1951
MotherMargaret Schwebach b. 23 Jul 1879, d. 24 Mar 1965
Relationship2nd great-granddaughter of Philippe Schwebach
Appears on chartsDescendants (with spouses) of Johaines Schwebach
In Family LineSchwebach


Birth14 Nov 1907 Aniceta Susan Zeig was born on 14 Nov 1907 in Minnehaha County, South Dakota. 
1910 Census
(with Parents)
10 May 1910 Aniceta appeared in the 1910 Federal Census of Logan Township, Minnehaha County, South Dakota, as Aniceta Zeig, in the household of her parents, Margaret and Nicholas Zeig
1920 Census
(with Parents)
4 Feb 1920 Aniceta appeared in the 1920 Federal Census of Spring Creek, Moody County, South Dakota, as Anicta M. Zeig, in the household of her parents, Margaret and Nicholas Zeig. She is a single white female, age 12. Daughter of head of household. She attended school since 9/1/1919. She can read and write. She was born in Iowa. Her father was born in Iowa, her mother in Minnesota. She has no occupation. 
Event_Misc30 Aug 1927 Aniceta Susan Zeig was Joined the Presentation Sisters on 30 Aug 1927 in Aberdeen, Brown County, South Dakota. 
Name Variation30 Aug 1927  As of 30 Aug 1927, Aniceta Susan Zeig was also known as Sister M. Eileen. 
Event_Misc16 Jul 1928 She was Reception on 16 Jul 1928. 
Event_Misc8 Jul 1930 She was Profession on 8 Jul 1930. 
Event_Misc8 Jul 1955 She was Silver Jubilee on 8 Jul 1955. 
Death28 Dec 1995 She died on 28 Dec 1995 at age 88.