Herman Bunkers

b. 21 March 1870, d. March 1871


FatherHerman Bernard Bunkers b. 7 Jun 1846, d. 18 Jul 1914
MotherChristina Koppert b. 29 Sep 1850, d. 8 Jan 1929
RelationshipGrandson of Herman Theodore Bunkers
Appears on chartsDescendants (with spouses) of Herman Theodore Bunkers
In Family LineBunkers


Birth21 Mar 1870 Herman Bunkers was born on 21 Mar 1870 in Luxemburg, Dubuque County, Iowa. 
1870 Census
(with Parents)
28 Jul 1870 Herman appeared in the 1870 Federal Census of Liberty, Dubuque County, Iowa, as Herman Bunkers, in the household of his parents, Marie and Herman Theodore Bunkers. He is a white male, age 3/12. He was born in Iowa. His mother is of foreign birth. He was born in March of 1870. 
DeathMar 1871 Herman Bunkers died in Mar 1871 in Luxemburg, Dubuque County, Iowa. 
BurialMar 1871 He was buried in Mar 1871 in Luxemburg, Dubuque County, Iowa.