Saint Mary's Cemetery

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Saint Mary's Cemetery - is located in Remsen, Plymouth County, Iowa.

The following people are buried here:
Tombstone for Bernard Bunkers
Tombstone for Daniel Bunkers
Tombstone for Edwin Bunkers
Tombstone for Mary and Raymond Bunkers
Tombstone for Theodore Bunkers
Tombstone for Verena Bunkers
Tombstone for Vern Bunkers
Tombstone for Johann Schwebach
Tombstone for Mary (Bohlke) and Joseph Bunkers
Tombstone for H. Theodore Bunkers
Tombstone for Herman Bunkers
Tombstone for Ruth (Boever) and Leroy Bunkers
Burialafter 3 Aug 1891Johann Petter Schwebach
Burial27 May 1892Marie Elizabeth Niegengert
BurialHerman Theodore Bunkers
Burialafter 13 Oct 1898Verena Bunkers
Burial1904Caroline Vaske
Burialafter 6 Jun 1904Mary Bunkers
Burial7 Jun 1909Raymond Bunkers
Burial1911Rudolph Lammers
Burial21 Jul 1914Herman Bernard Bunkers
Burial1 May 1917John Bernard Bunkers
Burialafter 5 Nov 1918Mary Josephine Schultz
Burialafter 1 Aug 1921Henry Reker
Burialafter 16 May 1923Helen M. Beck
Burialafter 14 Jun 1925Edward Fiegen
Burialafter 8 Jan 1929Christina Koppert
Burialafter 31 Aug 1931Hubert Ritz
Burial1932Joseph Reker
Burial1940Maria Catherine Bohenkamp
Burialafter 14 Dec 1944Mary Bunkers
Burial1945Lanie Arens
Burialafter 30 Apr 1948Herman John Deitering
Burial10 Aug 1950Philomina Bunkers
Burialafter 26 Oct 1952Elizabeth Bunkers
Burial2 Jul 1955Bernard Bunkers
Burial3 Dec 1955Mary Antoinette Lammers
Burial1956Joey Bunkers
Burial21 Mar 1961John James Schwebach
Burial16 Oct 1963Theodore H. Bunkers
Burial11 Feb 1965Marina Bunkers
Burial17 Oct 1966Aloysius Bohlke
Burialafter 15 Jul 1967Clara Margaret Stoeber
Burialafter 15 Aug 1968Clara Mary Majeres
Burialafter 11 May 1970Edwin H. Bunkers
Burialafter 10 Nov 1970Vincent Delperdang
Burial17 May 1971Milo Bohlke
Burial24 May 1971Susan Lanners
Burial1972Anna (Unknown)
Burialafter 29 Sep 1972Daniel Bunkers
Burial12 Dec 1972Blanche Delperdang
Burialafter 21 May 1973Mary Elizabeth Bohlke
Burial17 Jan 1974Joseph Frank Lang
Burialafter 7 Oct 1975Anna Niehus
Burialafter 27 Dec 1976Joseph Francis Bunkers
Burial1978Alphonse J. Bohlke
Burialafter 27 Oct 1979Vernon Aloys Bunkers
Burialafter 6 May 1980George Delperdang
Burial27 Nov 1984Elmer J. Loutsch
Burial30 Nov 1984Frances Mary Bunkers
Burial27 Apr 1988Sylvester Kobberman
Burial26 Mar 1996Louis Theodore Bunkers
Burialafter 6 May 1996Roman B. Bunkers
Burialafter 29 Apr 1997Gilbert Loesche
Burialafter 25 Aug 2000Madeleine Alma Alexander
Burialafter 17 Dec 2001Evelyn Marie Deubel
Burialafter 22 Dec 2002Cletus Bernard Bunkers
Burialafter 31 Jul 2004Adeline Ritz
Burial8 Apr 2005Leroy W. Bunkers
Burialafter 1 Dec 2006Ruth M. Boever
Burialafter 2 Feb 2009Armella Bunkers