Mount Hope Cemetery

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Mount Hope Cemetery - is located in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas.

The following people are buried here:
Tombstone for Anna (Wise) Simpson
Tombstone for Harry Simpson
Tombstone for John Hinze
Tombstone for Peter Hinze
Tombstone for Carl Hinze
Tombstone for Laura (Ramsden) and Frank Hinze
Tombstone for Anna (Ralston) Hinze
Tombstone for Edward Hinze
Tombstone for Sharil (Hinze) Stone
Tombstone for Thekla (Bessel) and John Heller
Burial10 Mar 1924Elizabeth Free
Burial19 Apr 1926Anna Elizabeth Wise
Burial30 Sep 1927Thekla Marie Bessel
Burial5 Jul 1928John V. Heller
Burial31 Jan 1930Coolie P. Greene
Burial14 Jan 1933Theckla Heller
Burial12 Feb 1934Gustav Hinze
Burial27 May 1935Edward William Hinze
Burial9 Jan 1940Christine Zimmerman
Burial12 Dec 1954Peter George Hinze
Burial11 Mar 1961Christina Lorfing
Burial26 Feb 1968John Joseph Hinze
Burial16 Apr 1973Frank Norman Hinze
Burial4 Oct 1980Anna Lee Ralston
Burial21 Apr 1981Rebecca Baker Simpson
Burial5 Jun 1981Laura Pauline Ramsden
Burial14 Sep 1983Sharil G. Hinze
Burial16 Feb 1987Carl George Hinze
Burial8 Jan 1988Edgar Franklin Harrisson Simpson