Current Cemetery

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Current Cemetery - Founded 1870, Current Cemetery is located in Brown County, Minnesota.

The following people are buried here:
Tombstone for Ottie (Current) and Leo Brand
Tombstone for Galen Current
Tombstone for Ralph Current
Tombstone for Dorris (Kelm) and Paul Dauenbaugh
Tombstone for Charles Harmon
Tombstone for Claude Barnell
Tombstone for Richard Barnell
Tombstone for Vernon Barnell
Tombstone for Ellen (Brust) Bode
Tombstone for Viola (Current) and George Brust
Tombstone for John Cailey
Tombstone for John Cailey
Tombstone for Catherine (Current) and James Case
Tombstone for Mayme (McDowell) and James Case
Tombstone for Teresa Case
Tombstone for Alna (Jacobson) and Eugene Current:html
Tombstone for Alonzo Current
Tombstone for William Current
Tombstone for Gerald Current
Tombstone for Duane Current
Tombstone for Ella and Beatrice Current
Tombstone for Esther (Zarn) and Donald Current
Tombstone for George Current
Tombstone for Ida Current
Tombstone for Isabel (Lasby) and Robert Current
Tombstone for James Current
Tombstone for Sarah (Brooks) and James Current
Tombstone for John Current
Tombstone for John Current
Tombstone for Nancy (Rees) Current
Tombstone for John Current
Tombstone for Lela (Schultz) and Lester Current
Tombstone for Nettie (Tram) and Marion Current
Tombstone for Mary (Powers) Current
Tombstone for Cyrus Current
Tombstone for Clara (Runck) and Scott Current
Tombstone for Verna Current
Tombstone for William Current
Tombstone for Esther (Current) and Floyd Traver
Tombstone for John Kuelbs
Tombstone for May (Current) Kuelbs
Tombstone for George Martine
Tombstone for George Martine
Tombstone for J. Alwin Martine
Tombstone for Una (Current) Martine
Tombstone for Wm. Arthur Rogers
Tombstone for Ora (Current) Weise
Tombstone for Rosa (Case) Current
Tombstone for William Current
Tombstone for Nettie (Tram) and Marion Current
Burialafter 12 Jul 1879Alonzo Carlton Current
Burialafter 3 Aug 1880Ida Current
Burialafter 29 Aug 1880Oscar Current
Burial1892Charles B. Harmon
Burialafter 14 Feb 1892George Washington Current
Burialafter 1 Jun 1892John Marion Current
Burialafter 13 Oct 1893Rebecca G. Lake
Burialafter 30 May 1895James Current III
Burialafter 11 Dec 1895John Quincy Adams Current
Burialafter 11 Aug 1899Mary Powers
Burialafter 25 Oct 1907John R. Current
Burialafter 6 Oct 1910Verna Current
Burialafter 15 Sep 1911Beatrice Current
Burialafter 18 Aug 1912Theodore Alonzo Case
Burialafter 22 Feb 1913George Alvin Martine
Burialafter 7 May 1915William Arthur Rogers
Burialafter 21 Jan 1916William Jackson Current
Burialafter 17 Aug 1921Ellen M. Current
Burialbt 1921 - 1922Rebecca Ann Current
Burialbt 1922 - 1923John Leander Cailey
Burialafter 19 Apr 1924John Fred Cailey
Burialafter 9 May 1931Nancy Rees
Burialafter 15 Jan 1933Nancy J. Bechtelheimer
Burialafter 2 Apr 1939James William Current
Burialafter 23 Sep 1940Cyrus Clinton Current
Burialafter 31 May 1941James Oscar Case
Burialafter 11 Jun 1943John Kuelbs
Burialafter 22 Oct 1943Claude LeRoy Barnell
Burialafter 1 Sep 1945Emiline Current
Burialafter 5 Sep 1945Sarah Elizabeth Brooks
Burialbt 1945 - 1946George Brust
Burialafter 18 Nov 1946Mary Mae Cailey
Burialafter 8 Feb 1948Scott Current
Burialafter 4 Dec 1952Nettie Tram
Burialafter 29 Jun 1955Galen DeVere Current
Burialafter 4 Jun 1957Caledonia Elizabeth Barnell
Burialafter 5 Sep 1957Una Current
Burialafter 20 Oct 1957Clayton Current
Burialafter 28 May 1958Ora Leona Current
Burialafter 7 Jan 1959May Current
Burialafter 30 May 1959Phyllis Irene Barnell
Burialafter 29 Nov 1959George Henry Martine
Burialafter 30 Oct 1961Catherine Current
Burialafter 2 Aug 1962Teresa Case
Burialafter 23 Nov 1965Floyd Lewis Traver
Burialafter 17 Aug 1966William Elton Barnell
Burialafter 13 Apr 1968Lyle Deloss Current
Burialafter 13 Jun 1970Rosa Case
Burialafter 9 May 1971Clara R. Runck
Burialafter 13 May 1971Ralph Austin Current
Burialafter 27 Oct 1971Angline Sophia Baier
Burialafter 22 Feb 1973Jacob Alwin Martine
Burialafter 20 Jun 1974Elvira Current
Burialafter 22 Jul 1975James C. Case
Burialafter 12 Jul 1977Marion Evert Current
Burial1979Lela Schultz
Burialafter 10 Aug 1982Viola Current
Burialafter 21 Oct 1990Clarence Albert Kuelbs
Burialafter 29 Nov 1990Ottie Marie Current
Burialafter 28 Oct 1991Lester Milo Current
Burial1994Alna I. Jacobson
Burialafter 11 Dec 1995Vernon Orval Barnell
Burialafter 23 Sep 1996Duane Carl Current
Burialafter 24 Oct 1997Eugene Clark Current
Burialafter 1 Nov 1997Paul Hope Dauenbaugh
Burial13 Mar 1999Esther Emily Current
Burialafter 3 Dec 1999Gladys Muriel Barnell
Burialafter 15 Mar 2000William James Current
Burialafter 29 Jul 2002Robert Leslie Current
Burialafter 30 Jan 2003Clarence Theodore Kelm
Burial27 Mar 2004Leo Brand
Burial12 Nov 2004Ellen Gertrude Brust
Burialafter 11 May 2005Esther Emilia Zarn
Burial2006Mildred Jensen
Burial2 Feb 2006Gerald Current
Burialafter 27 Jul 2008Dorris Laray Kelm
Burialafter 19 May 2009Donald Wayne Current
Burial30 Jul 2009Elaine Julia Elvira Barnell
Burial7 Dec 2010Isabel Marie Lasby
Burialafter 14 Mar 2012Richard Orval Barnell