Calvary Cemetery

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Calvary Cemetery - is located in Caledonia, Houston County, Minnesota.

The following people are buried here:
Tombstone for Nicholas Schwebach
Tombstone for Ida (Frie) and Nicholas Schwebach
Tombstone for Eugene Schwebach
Tombstone for John Bouquet
Tombstone for Francis Burg
Tombstone for Celesta (Burg) and James Sullivan
Burialafter 9 Aug 1870Nicholas Joseph Schwebach
Burialafter 2 May 1884John P. Bouquet
Burialafter 17 Nov 1911Margaret Busch
Burialafter 15 Dec 1913Catherina Schwebach
Burialafter 17 Aug 1916Wilfred James Demmer
Burialafter 26 Aug 1916Francis Burg
Burialafter 27 Oct 1918Eugene Valetine Schwebach
Burialafter 17 May 1925Katherine Goettle
Burialafter 17 Oct 1927Philip Schwebach
Burialafter 8 Jul 1931Constance J Goergen
Burialafter 2 Oct 1936Madelena Helen Schwebach
Burialafter 22 Feb 1939Katherine Wagner
Burial19 Apr 1944Ida Mary Frie
Burialafter 18 Dec 1950Susan Bouquet
Burialafter 5 Dec 1960Mary Zenner
Burialafter 6 Jul 1968Nicolas Benedict Schwebach
Burialafter 14 May 1969Susan Cecelia Ernster
Burial18 Oct 1972Philipp Burg
Burial25 Oct 1972Margret Schwebach
Burialafter 2 Jan 1974Anton Ernster
BurialJun 1978Anna Schwebach
Burialafter 13 May 1993Agatha C Schmitz
Burialafter 24 Oct 1994James L. Sullivan
Burial10 Jun 2005Richard Francis Sullivan
Burial31 Oct 2005Marcus Butch Schwebach
Burial31 May 2011Celesta Margaret Burg