Mary Aydelott

b. 18 April 1809, d. 22 September 1885
Mary (Aydelott) & Nathaniel Simpson
(from; Unruh Steele Spegal Bond 1.5 by Donald_Unruh)


Appears on chartsDescendants (with spouses) of Richard Simpson
In Family LineSimpson


Birth18 Apr 1809 Mary Aydelott was born on 18 Apr 1809 in North Carolina. 
Marriage13 Feb 1839 She and Nathaniel Simpson, son of Nathaniel Simpson and Jane Work, were married on 13 Feb 1839 in Pendleton County, Kentucky. 
Death22 Sep 1885 Mary Aydelott died on 22 Sep 1885 in Grant County, Kentucky, at age 76. 

Children of Mary Aydelott and Nathaniel Simpson

All known children of Mary Aydelott and Nathaniel Simpson are deceased.