Ginger Sass

b. about 1939, d. 25 April 1943
Ginger Sass


MotherCecilia Cora Mae Clary b. 4 Mar 1916, d. 25 Apr 1943
Relationships7th great-granddaughter of John Clary Sr
4th great-granddaughter of James Current Sr.
3rd great-granddaughter of James P. Barnell
Appears on chartsDescendants (with spouses) of John Clary Sr
Descendants (with spouses) of James Current Sr.
Descendants (with spouses) of James P. Barnell
In Family LineBarnell


Birthabout 1939 Ginger Sass was born about 1939. 
Death25 Apr 1943 She died on 25 Apr 1943. Cause of death: auto accident with mother.