Loretta Cordes

b. 2 September 1928, d. 10 September 1992


FatherCharles Fred Cordes b. 17 Jan 1890, d. 27 Dec 1942
MotherAlice Mary Dolan b. 10 Aug 1889, d. 8 Apr 1972
RelationshipGreat-granddaughter of Christopher Dolan
Appears on chartsDescendants (with spouses) of Christopher Dolan
In Family LineDolan


Birth2 Sep 1928 Loretta Cordes was born on 2 Sep 1928 in Missouri. 
1930 Census
(with Parents)
22 Apr 1930 Loretta appeared in the 1930 Federal Census of St. Louis City, Missouri, as Loretta Cordes, in the household of her parents, Alice and Charles Fred Cordes. She is a single white female, age 1. Lives at 5122 NW Kings Highway. Daughter of head of household. She did not attend school within the year. She was born in Missouri. Her mother and father were born in Missouri. She has no occupation. 
Marriage Loretta Cordes and an unknown or excluded person were married. 
Death10 Sep 1992 She died on 10 Sep 1992 in Missouri at age 64. 

Children of Loretta Cordes and an unknown or excluded spouse

4 known children of Loretta Cordes may still be living.