Cleo Autry Clay

b. 16 March 1922, d. 2 October 2006


Appears on chartsDescendants (with spouses) of John Cosentino
In Family LineCosentino


Birth16 Mar 1922 Cleo Autry Clay was born on 16 Mar 1922 in Atlanta, George. 
Marriage7 Sep 1944 He and Giovannina Scarfino, daughter of Vito Scarfino and Marietta Cosentino, were married on 7 Sep 1944 in St. Louis, Missouri.
Death2 Oct 2006 Cleo Autry Clay died on 2 Oct 2006 at age 84. 
Burialafter 2 Oct 2006 He was buried after 2 Oct 2006 in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, located in St. Louis, Missouri, in Section 1CC, Site 30. 
Obituary4 Oct 2006 Cleo Autry Clay's obituary appeared in the St. Louis Post Dispatch on 4 Oct 2006 in St. Louis, Missouri, on page B6.

Children of Cleo Autry Clay and Giovannina Scarfino

There are no known children of Cleo Autry Clay and Giovannina Scarfino.