Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens



Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens - is located in 701 North 94th Street, Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas. Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens first opened in 1948 in what was then a very rural area of Wyandotte County, Kansas. Since then, we have been providing an environment for our friends and neighbors seeking a peaceful final resting place for them and their loved ones. Through the years, we have given our families peace of mind, very often at the most difficult time of their lives. As our surrounding area of Kansas City has seen many changes through the years, so has our park

The following people are buried here:
Burial19 Sep 1961 Mark Carl Hinze, Masonic Garden, Lot #421B
Burialafter 19 May 1963 Coral Rex Sargent, Garden of Devotion, Lot #106D
Burial6 Aug 1963 Charles Andrew Simpson, Garden of Meditation
Burial4 Mar 1966 Katherine Dorothy Hinze, Garden of Meditation, Lot #204B
Burial5 Feb 1969 Martha Frances Lumm, Garden of Meditation
Burial10 Feb 1970 Emma Gumper, Garden of Meditation
Burial26 Nov 1974 August Edwin Nelson Vossler, Garden of Meditation, Lot #204B
Burial13 May 1980 Elmer Harold Carter, Garden of Meditation
Burial21 Apr 1981 Mary M. Stumpff, Masonic Garden, Lot #421B
Burial11 Jan 1984 Barbara Ann Oldehaver, Masonic Garden, Lot #419B
Burial29 Apr 1987 Paul David Bennett, Garden of Meditation, Lot #72C
Burial1 Dec 1988 Alta Vista Simpson, Garden of Devotion, Lot #106D
Burial28 Mar 1989 Helen Ione Hinze, Masonic Garden, Lot #295B
Burial12 Dec 1989 Robert L. Strom Jr., Masonic Garden, Lot #295B
Burialafter 21 Dec 1991 Paul Revere Boatman, Garden of Meditation
Burial22 May 1992 Evelyn Charlene Simpson, Garden of Meditation
Burial13 Aug 1999 Terrence James Bunkers, the Garden of Meditation
Burialafter 23 Oct 2004 Virginia Ruth Simpson, Garden of Meditation
Burialafter 30 Sep 2010 Charles Andrew Simpson Jr.
Burial27 Feb 2013 Norman Charles Vossler, Due to a bad snow storm, the funeral was postponed for a day, until 28 Feb 2013. 
Burial12 Feb 2015 Bonnie Rose Simpson